Forbidden Fruit Strain | Forbidden Fruit Strain Indica or Sativa (2024)

Forbidden Fruit Strain is named after the all too famous story of Eve reaching for the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden, after which all hell broke loose. This tale is also applicable to this strain of cannabis, as it’s not only incredibly fruity, it’s also exceptionally potent. This marijuana strain is what is known as a dankenstein strain, which is a cross between two or more incredibly potent or ‘dank’ strains, creating one ridiculously potent and dank monster, Dankenstein. Forbidden Fruit Strain is one of those strains that has it all, potency, taste, and a reasonably well-balanced high. These are the most sought-after strains on the market, and as newer and newer strains come into the cannabis community, most of them are fruity and reasonably well-balanced hybrids like this one.

This strain is sometimes called Juicy Fruit weed, Purple Passion strain, Juicy Fruit Bud, Juicy Fruit Kush, Forbidden Candy, Fruit Salad strain, or California Grapefruit strain. However, there are a number of similar strains that many people may confuse with this fruity strain. For example, Fruity Pebbles strain, High Octane Strain, Pie Face strain, Passion Fruit strain, and Gorilla Bomb strain. These are all similar strains with very fruity flavors. The fruity strains are considered by many to be the best tasting of all cannabis strains. No table of contents here, folks - just scroll along to learn more about this über potent strain.

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All rights reserved on this lovely stock photo from Mig Vapor's web page.
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Up close and personal with Forbidden Fruit, photo: @

Forbidden Fruit: Indica or Sativa Cannabis Strain?

Forbidden Fruit Strain is a 70 indica / 30 sativa hybrid. While these Forbidden Fruit Indica Or Sativa may have you physically locked to the couch, you'll still experience plenty of cerebral energy from this strain's THC content.

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Forbidden Fruit genetics

The original breeder of this strain is hard to track down, but what is certain is that their idea was to bring together two incredibly tasty, fruity strains to create one hell of a dankenstein. The two strains that were crossed together to create Forbidden Fruit are:

  • Tangie
  • Cherry Pie

As you can tell from the names of these strains, they are both fruity as hell. Cherry Pie is famous for its cherry taste and Tangie is famous for its orange taste. Both strains are also very potent, and so their ‘child’, Forbidden Fruit marijuana, is also incredibly potent.

Forbidden Fruit Marijuana THC percentage

Forbidden Fruit Strain marijuana is much stronger than the average Indica-dominant hybrid. The average Indica-dominant hybrid has around 12.5% THC content, whereas the average phenotype of this fruity strain is 25%. The strongest phenotypes don’t really measure more than this, with some phenotypes being measured at 26%. That’s almost double the average Indica-dominant hybrid, and now maybe you can understand why this strain is so popular.

Forbidden Fruit Marijuana price

Although you may think this strain is going to be insanely expensive, it’s not quite as high as you might imagine. The price is about $15 a gram in a North American dispensary, maybe less, depending on the zip code you’re in. However, in Amsterdam, where the supply is much lower, you’re likely to spend about $30 a gram. Some may charge a little more, some may charge a little less. It really depends on the supply at that time.

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Forbidden Fruit Marijuana taste

As mentioned previously, Forbidden Fruit Indica or Sativa was bred for taste, and its parents, Cherry Pie and Tangie, did not produce a disappointing marijuana strain. As such, it has a formidable taste that has become associated more and more with these so-called dankenstein strains. You should definitely grind this strain up first so you get as much enjoyment from the precious terpene profile and crystal trichomes as possible from this strain's orange hairs. Once you've done that, then stick it inside a flower vaporizer, which will really elevate your taste experience. This allows the full flavor profile of this magnificent strain to be enjoyed. Speaking of which, you can expect the following flavors from Forbidden Fruit:

  • Grapefruit
  • Citrus
  • Tropical
  • Cherry

Forbidden Fruit Strain Reviews say the tastiest marijuana strain they have ever tasted. We say there's only one way for you to find out!

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We're digging the scale in this stock photo!

Forbidden Fruit Marijuana oil, wax, shatter, edibles, etc.

Most concentrate creators focus on two different attributes of their cannabis: taste and potency. As we’ve already seen, the Forbidden Fruit Strain marijuana strain has both taste and potency, which makes it an excellent choice for Butane Hash Oil creation such as shatter or wax. We have a guide for this here. However, please note: this is considered very dangerous, and some people have managed to burn their houses down in the process of making shatter. Please only try this if you know what you’re doing, or if you have some experience doing similar processes.

For edibles, the potency and flavor don’t matter as much. It’s probably best to use bush weed or cheap weed for edibles. However, if you’re using a flower vaporizer, you can actually reuse the cannabis you thought you were simply going to throw away to make incredibly potent edibles quickly and easily. Basically, it’s probably not worth decarboxylating your own Forbidden Fruit flower to make edibles, but it would be worth using already vaped bud (AVB) to make them. Just ensure to mix your AVB with a fat or oil.

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Go ahead, pick one of these nugs and see what happens. We think you’ll like it. Photo: @sanfrannabis

Forbidden Fruit Strain | Forbidden Fruit Strain Indica or Sativa (11)This close up captures the beauty of the Forbidden Fruit. Photo: @illuminatrx
Forbidden Fruit General

Forbidden Fruit Medical

Forbidden Fruit Negative

Relaxed 100%Stress Relief100%

Cottonmouth (dry mouth) 100%

Happy 75%Pain Relief 85%

Dry Eyes 75%

Euphoric 60% Depression 70%Dizziness 15%
Sleepy 45%Insomnia 65%Paranoia 10%
Uplifted 40%Headaches 45%

Lethargy 10%

With an indica - sativa ratio like what\'s found in this tasty marijuana strain, it\'s no reason they say the fruit forbidden is. The Forbidden Fruit marijuana strain definitely produces couch lock, particularly if used in higher doses or after prolonged use. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Some people may actually desire the feeling of being glued to their couch after a long day at work. This can actually help a lot of people with stress. It’s actually like sitting on heated seats in a car, and, simultaneously, having some cerebral relaxation and euphoria. Forbidden Fruit is a great marijuana strain for battling chronic stress and has been known to help stop muscle spasms. It\'s always a good idea to consult a health care professional if you\'re wondering if this marijuana strain could be a good fit for your specific needs.

If you do feel couch-locked and are seeking a remedy, then we have a little guide to help:

  • Have a cold shower, staying in for as long as possible
  • Have a nice hot pot of coffee, preferably one you can sit and enjoy for a bit
  • Go for a run, go for a swim, basically force yourself to be active

After you complete these steps, you should feel far less couch-locked! It's tricky to get your energy levels up, we know. But trust us! At 30% THC levels, we know you can do it!

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Forbidden Fruit Marijuana Strain flowering time

If you've hit up your local seed bank to grow your own beautiful plant, you might want to grab a patience cap while you're out shopping for supplies. The average flowering time of this strain is about 10 weeks, which makes it a reasonably long strain to grow. Don’t try to harvest the strain before this, as you’ll regret not giving Forbidden Fruit's bud structure the time they need to develop! Without this full development time, the plant will not reach its full potent potential.

Forbidden Fruit growing tips

Forbidden Fruit Strain is a bushy indica, but it’s not too hard to grow. You will need to trim the top of this plant, also known as a topping, to remove some of those pesky leaves at the top that refuse to let light filter down to the bottom of the plant. By topping Forbidden Fruit Strain Fruit you can increase your yield from low to moderate.

Forbidden fruit seeds

What is the meaning of autoflowering seeds? This strain is available in autoflower format, meaning that you can guarantee that the seeds will flower. This means that it’s not dependent on how well you grow; the vegetative plant will eventually flower. These kinds of seeds are much easier to grow. Thank you, ingenious cannabis industry, for lovely little developments like this!

Forbidden Fruit yield

In all the right conditions, with all the right topping methods etc., you can expect a fairly good yield, sitting at around 3 ounces per foot squared. Once you start seeing those little orange hairs protrude from your buds, you should be a proud parent of a successful grow!

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Baby Forbidden Fruit! Does it know what happiness it will bring once it’s grown up? Photo: @realdanhell

What is the Forbidden Fruit marijuana strain?

Forbidden Fruit is a certified dankenstein strain - we think everyone from recreational tokers to health care practitioners would agree. It’s a cross between two incredibly dank strains, Cherry Pie and Tangie, resulting in one even danker strain. It was bred for flavour but carries the potency of its two parent strains with it. This Indica-dominant hybrid is perfect for stress and may result in sleep a few hours after smoking it.

  • One of the best marijuana strains for stress
  • Fantastic taste, please enjoy inside a flower vape
  • Indica-dominant hybrid
  • THC disclaimer! Despite being indica-dominant, this strain still has 26% THC
  • Easy to moderate to grow
  • Autoflowering seeds available online

Whether you're in the United States, Amsterdam, a mountain hut in Colorado Springs CO, a beach hut in the Bahamas - whether it's Memorial Day, Boxing Day or just a regular day, we love this dankenstein strain and think you will too! We hope this strain review has convinced you to find some to enjoy for you to see for yourself. Happy toking!

    Have you tried Forbidden Fruit Strain? Have questions we haven't answered? Drop us a comment below!

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    Forbidden Fruit Strain | Forbidden Fruit Strain Indica or Sativa (2024)


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